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Becoming an Artist…

Reflecting back over the past three years at Paintbrushes & Party and the soon to be 60 years of my life is very interesting.  I was raised by two very creative parents who painted, sculpted, landscaped and decorated.  I painted, but was  always very critical of myself because they were so good!

In college I double majored in Zoology and Botany with thoughts of becoming a physician!  I started with Zoology, the study of the Animal Kingdom, and added Botany after I took a course and thought it was so much fun!  As a part of my botanical studies, I was required to draw in pen and ink. I must admit, I really enjoyed it!

As an adult, I always enjoyed entertaining, decorating and setting beautiful tables for events.  I guess the artistic side of me was always peeking out!

After traveling to Colorado to visit my adult daughter, Vanessa, and experiencing a Paint and Sip event, I was hooked! Enjoying a glass of wine while I painted was the key!  It kept me from my self-doubt and allowed me to laugh, listen to fun music and create art.  Why didn’t I think of combining my favorite things long ago?

When I returned to the Hudson Valley and found that there were no Paint and Sip studios within two hours of Poughkeepsie, I decided that I needed to open one!

At the age of 57, I had finally discovered my calling!

I did a lot of research, wrote a solid business plan, shopped for the perfect location, designed our logo and secured a liquor license!

I was off and running!

I interviewed and hired a dynamic staff of artists, taught them my way of teaching and we taught our first public class on November 29, 2013!

Despite the fact that my job is to run the business; you know, marketing, responding to clients, creating new and innovative class ideas, I occasionally get to create art!  I get the biggest smile on my face when someone requests one of my original designs for their party!

I guess I am officially an artist!

Click here to view our website and scroll through all the images we paint on canvas, as well as the many new class ideas we have added for June.

Please check back frequently and share in my journey as I unleash my inner artist and help you discover yours!



Deanna J Moriarty

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